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Python implementation for fundamental frequency of tonal sounds:

A fast implementation of fundamental frequency estimation is presented in this work. The algorithm is based on a frequency-domain approach. It was mainly develop for tonal sounds and used in Canary bird song analysis. The method was implemented but not restricted for this kind of data. It could be easily adapted for other proposes. Python libraries were used to develop a code with a simple algorithm to obtain fundamental frequency.



Python and video analysis

Video of charito running. Results of the implementation of code in python + opencv




Python and signal envelope estimation

Some time ago I had an  simple problem (apparently) . I had to estimate signal envelope for a very large data set to be able to work with it.  It was not a difficult or rare thing to do (I though).

First of all I try to use the standard methods and implementations. I read everything about it and then I adapted every piece of code that I found. But in every scenarios I had the same problem: envelope was attenuated.  Finally after trying a lot of things  and in the middle of my desperation I try as a last resource to write a post. It was my first stackoverflow post.

I follow the simple rules to post there (after carefully reading everything related to my problem) and finally I’ve created a post. A time after that, someone help me with a piece of code to solve my problem

Then I though about all the time that I used to think about the problem, everything I read… I need to put all this somewhere! I did it. I wrote a paper with a review of the current ideas on envelope determination and I describe the simple idea of the pythonic code to solve the envelope problem for different kind of signals. Now the work is on a peer reviewed journal, but If you want to read it and get the code:

Code is in following link with password envelope:

Signal Envelope Estimation Code