Here you can find data on my research activity (current and past with publication links), postgraduate courses, and workshops.

The current group at Cfin in Aarhus University, Denmark

To contact me:  cecial.jarne(at)


Researchgate and CONICET

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  • Working in Collaboration at Cfin Group
  • Working (Physically) at the Science and Technology Department of Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
  • Research Fields at the Laboratorio de Matemática Aplicada (Applied Math Lab)
    • Recurrent Neural Networks and Brain dynamics
    • Signal analysis and complex systems.

Recent Publications (2024):

Predicting subject traits from brain spectral signatures: an application to brain ageing. Cecilia Jarne, Ben Griffin & Diego Vidaurre. BioRxiv

Exploring Flip Flop memories and beyond: training Recurrent Neural Networks with key insights. C. Jarne Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience

Recent Publications (2023):

Exploring weight initialization, diversity of solutions, and degradation in recurrent neural networks trained for temporal and decision-making tasks. Jarne, C, R. Laje Journal of Computational Neuroscience/arxiv

Effect in the spectra of eigenvalues and dynamics of RNNs trained with excitatory–inhibitory constraint. Jarne, C., Caruso, M. Cogn Neurodyn(2023)/arxiv.

Fundamentos de los circuitous secuenciales. Book (Cecilia Jarne, Gustavo Araujo, Rodrigo Bramajo, Rodolfo Canteros-Castelli, Carlos Felipe, Fernando Ortaneche &Mirko Sanchez-Jovic)

Recurrent Neural Networks as Electrical Networks, a Formalization. (M. Caruso & C. Jarne Conference paper Springer Book Chapter)

Recent Publications (2022):

Programación científica: Técnicas y fundamentos para el desarrollo de software. (Pablo Alcain; Cecilia Gisele Jarne, Rodrigo Lugones & María G. Molina Book)

Different eigenvalue distributions encode the same temporal tasks in recurrent neural networks. (C. Jarne. Cognitive Neuroscience/ arxiv).

Recent Publications, Proceedings and Preprints (2021-2020):

A study on Recurrent Neural Networks trained with excitatory-inhibitory constraint 30th CNS Conference of Organization For Computational Neuroscience. Virtual for COVID-19. Poster and video. C. Jarne

Multitasking in RNN: an analysis exploring the combination of simple tasks (Journal of Physics: Complexity)


An algorithm to represent inbreeding trees (Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications)

Studying neural mechanisms in recurrent neural networks trained for multitasking depending on a context signal. 29th CNS Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting. Melburne (virtual for COVID-19) C. Jarne

Conferences 2020:

Conferences 2019:

Dynamics of the brain: temporal aspects of computation. 9-12 June 2019: Rungstedgaard, North of Copenhagen, Denmark. Poster

Statistical Physics Approaches to Systems Biology Feb 4 – 15, 2019 La Habana: Poster

My Postdoc was at Sistemas dinámicos de la UBA on signal analysis of sound and EMG data. 

Publications related to Signal Analysis field (2018-2019):

A method to align time series segments based on envelope features as anchor points 2019 (also at arxiv)

Code to align Segments

A fundamental frequency estimation method for tonal sounds inspired on bird song studies 2019 (Methodsx)

Code to estimate Fundamental frequency for tonal sounds

A heuristic approach to obtain signal envelope with a simple software implementation 2018 (also at arxiv)

Code to Signal Envelope Estimation

Conferences 2018

Conference on Collective Behavior ICTP 2018 (Poster)

International Teacher Weeks Programme 2018: Final Report Computing@CERN


Publications on Ancestors trees and Markov process 

Markovian simulation for ancestors tree (Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation  2019)

Equivalent Markov processes under gauge group (2015 PRE)

Markov-chain approach to the distribution of ancestors in species of biparental reproduction (2014 PRE)

HPC (High performance computing) activity Organization

Cuarto Workshop de Técnicas de programación Científica 2019 (Córdoba)

Mini Workshop on Scientific Programming 2019 (Aarhus University)

Tercer Workshop de Técnicas de programación Científica 2018 (Quilmes)

Mini-Workshop on Scientific Programming on ASI  (agenzia spaziale italiana)  Rome 2017  July (6th to 12th) SSDC ASI

Workshop de técnicas de programación científica 2017 (Tucumán)

Curso de posgrado de Técnicas de programación 2016 (Quilmes-UNQ )

Workshop de tecnicas de programación científica 2016 (Buenos Aires  UBA- DF)

Some previous works  on Ultra High energy cosmic rays: (full list at SIGEVA Link)

Composition studies of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays at the Pierre Auger Observatory (X SILAFAE 2014)

Tesis doctoral 2015 (PhD thesis)

Determinación del punto de impacto del eje de EAS inclinadas y su efecto en la composición primaria. (Anales AFA  Año: 2012 )



My scientific production on SIGEVA  system.  Also, you can find more on Research gate. For contact: cecilia.jarne at